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Choosing a childcare program you can trust with your child is no easy task. Here you’ll find safe and convenient childcare programs in Phoenix with qualified caregivers and high-quality programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

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Pay attention to how the environment appears from your child’s point of view. Most childcare programs will make every effort to maintain a clean, organized, and welcoming environment. The difference you will notice in a high-quality childcare program is that extra emphasis will also be placed on materials and centers within children’s eye level. These areas will be noticeably stimulating and exciting, showcasing what themes the classroom environment is focussed on for the week or month.

Your child’s comfort level in an environment may be one of the best tools to gage childcare programs as you tour them. An environment where children feel safe and welcome to explore on their own, talk to peers, or engage with the teacher can indicate a place they would feel comfortable attending regularly.

One of the challenges parents face when choosing a childcare program is finding a program that aligns with their schedule. If your family has a flexible, non-traditional schedule, it is essential that the childcare program can support it. Ask if you are responsible for days your child is not in attendance and what days the center is closed.

Families that are already attending a program are an unmatched resource for you in your childcare search. As you tour, ask the director to introduce you to a family and take the opportunity to hear of their experience with the program. Remember that while it is terrific to see reviews of the program that are at a five-star level, it is also important to hear of real experiences that were less than desirable. Understanding how the program approaches and remedies parent concerns can tell you much more than any five-star review.

When you tour a childcare classroom, do the children immediately surround you? Alternatively, are they completely engaged in an activity, so much so that maybe they don’t even glance up? If it’s the second option, that’s a great sign! High-quality, engaging childcare programs are designed to have something new and exciting for children to explore every day. These experiences not only give children something to look forward to but create opportunities for them to ask open-ended questions and think outside the box.

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